Welcome to the 17th Annual University of Toronto Philosophy Graduate Conference. The conference will take place on May 8th and 9th at the Centre for Ethics and  University College (see conference schedule for more information). Our theme this year is Embodiment: Bodies and Embodied Experience, and our two keynote speakers are Evan Thompson (UBC) and Kristie Dotson (MSU).

The papers will discuss

  • bodies as a site of political protest: the Movement for Black Lives and the Argentinian Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo
  • embodied experience as a source of knowledge: standpoint epistemology and epistemologies of ignorance.
  • bodies and perception: analytic, continental, and cross-cultural approaches to phenomenology

We will also feature a Panel on Disability, Illness, and Madness that calls attention to discrimination against people with disabilities both within and outside of academia.

All events are free and open to the public. Any questions should be directed to Emma McClure and Charles Dalrymple-Fraser at torontophilgradconf@gmail.com.

(Header image designed by Katlyn Nemo and RoByN FoRmAn)